Global Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions

By leveraging our global reach with notable OEMs and supply chain expertise, IQ Express is your specialist Procurement Partner for core and non-core products from Oil & Gas tools and equipment to Power Plant spare parts, consumables, IT, Telecom, Retail, etc. As a Procurement Vendor and Buying House to many organisations, we specialise in product sourcing and spare material supplies for Just-in-Time deliveries to operational locations of our clients. We take away these sensitive aspect of their businesses so they can concentrate on what they do best to avoid production shot downs and unnecessary revenue loses.


We employ realistic strategies designed to source, procure and deliver your products from the OEMs/Suppliers to your location, cost effectively and timely thus creating an unparalleled solution to your procurement needs. We directly control the entire supply chain from concept to delivery to your door. 


Working as an arm of your organisation, we employ proven and disciplined approach to deliver your procurement objectives on time, on target and on budget. With our company locations in key economic blocs of the world, we have the expertise to effectively manage your objectives. 


with our integrated services that combines procurement and Logistics management on the same platform, we are best positioned to consistently deliver your targets when and where required, thereby creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your business to thrive and outperform.

Quality & Reliability

We can coordinate the transactions at every stage of the supply chain, thereby ensuring quality and reliability of your products from order to delivery.

Prompt Logistics

Our global supply chain networks knows the suppliers and specialises in customs clearing procedures both in local and emerging countries to ensure effective solutions.

24/7 Support

We are passionate about finding solutions to our clients' objectives. We are always on standby to help and respond to your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.