Do you want to ship your cargo to Nigeria and Africa ?

IQ Express offers cheap and fast Freight Forwarding services in shipping of cargo from the United states, Canada, China, United Kingdom and Europe to Nigeria and Africa.

Ocean Freight Consol

Min Chargeable Weight: 300kg/lb

ETD: 4 – 7 Weeks from Sail Date

£1.99/kg(lb) – Lagos

£2.99/kg(lb) – other states

Standard Air Freight

Min Chargeable Weight: 30kg/lb

ETD: 3 – 9 Working Days from Flight Date

£3.75/kg(lb) – Lagos

£4.75/kg(lb) – other states

Express Air Freight

Min Chargeable Weight: 100kg/lb

ETD: 1 – 4 Working Days from Flight Date

£7/kg(lb) – Lagos

£8/kg(lb) – other states

You can estimate the cost of shipping your cargo in 7 easy steps.

1. Click on the REQUEST A QUOTE button. When the page loads, click on the QUOTE button to get started.


2.  Specify the Sending From and Delivering To Locations and input the Measurement Details of your cargo. Click on NEXT to continue.


3. Choose your preferred FREIGHT METHOD . The estimated cost of shipping via the selected FREIGHT METHOD is displayed above the NEXT button. Click on NEXT to continue.


4. Complete the COLLECTION ADDRESS form and DELIVERY ADDRESS form.


5. Pick a COLLECTION DATE and TIME. Click on NEXT to continue.


6. Complete the CONSIGNMENT SUMMARY form. Click on NEXT to continue.


7. On the final step, enter your email address where you want the order summary to be sent. You also have the option to write a message before you ORDER YOUR SHIPMENT.


After your shipment order has been placed, A copy of the Order Summary would be sent to your email, while IQ Express generate and send you an invoice of the Total Cost (Other charges inluded) for shipping your cargo. You can pay online using your credit card or make a bank deposit.

You can also call or visit any of our offices for assistance in placing a Shipment order.

London Office:

+44 (0) 207-476-1974

+44 (0) 743-596-1336

Houston Office:

+1 (281) 265-4937

+1 (832) 757-0658

Lagos Office:

+234 (0) 8150555021

+234 (0) 7082503780

Abuja Office:

+234 (0) 8150555025

+234 (0) 8150555021

Enugu Office:

+234 (0) 8134196709

+234 (0) 8150555021

PH Office:

+234 (0) 8150555026

+234 (0) 8150555021